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While it bears the shadows of the unshrouded and the shrouded,
From those shadows whisper the magical whisperings of its verity.
This site tunes in on these whisperings
And unwhispers the whispers into the language of Wisdom.


Zodbooks was named after a German Shepherd called Zod, pictured.


rosemary-klem.jpgRosemary Klem
Rosemary Klem, a professional photographer, has a passion for the study of outer space, the human mind, ancient history, and philosophy, and has been driven her entire life, from the time she first looked up and saw the night sky, to seek out old, lost knowledge once known in our abstruse past. The human repository of knowledge could not satisfy what she longed to know; it was only in the unknown that knowledge of the kind she sought could be found. In her quest, she has rediscovered lost, old wisdom that was known to ancient civilizations and primitive peoples, as well as great minds such as Pythagoras, Plato, Leonardo da Vinci, and Shakespeare. She has uncovered the common thread – one as fragile as gossamer, but as enduring as time itself – that stitches up all the disciplines to create a woven fabric of enlightenment that we have conditioned ourselves to think would never be known to us. She hopes that this mystical knowledge the early ancients knew, which the Renaissance sought to rediscover, will not only herald an exciting new scientific revolution when it unites with the science and technology of our age, but be the seed to procure peace and unity on this planet when we realize that we share a beautiful, all-pervading affinity.


jack-lord.jpgJack Lord
Over 50 years ago, Jack Lord had a near-death experience. Jack escaped from a communist regime by running across its heavily-guarded border; his departing legacy from the communists was the lodgment of many shrapnel bullets, from machine gun fire, in his body. While in a coma for around two weeks, and having lost half his blood, Jack experienced an out-of-body encounter. That encounter is the basis of ATLANTIS – a non fiction book that can only seem impossible and fantastic to those not having read it. To those who have, life should look a whole lot different, in many ways. More on Jack Lord at  www.jacklord.info






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