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Can we ever travel back into our past and change it? Can we travel into our future? Age-old dilemmas that never cease to impose upon the imagination of the human being. This book establishes the framework for our understanding of this subject. A truly intriguing book for both the novice and the professional.


The secrets of Earth's ancient past are revealed in this volume.
In this book we uncover:

  • The superior human, Jesus.
  • Atlantis and the great flood.
  • Noah's Arc
  • How we evolved from our scientific Adam and Eve. Who were our scientific Adam and Eve.
  • What happened to the Mayan civilization.
  • Who built the pyramids around the world and why they were built. We learn of their functionality.
  • What inspired polytheism; who those so-called gods (ancient astronauts) were; where they came from; why they came.


For those who have read ATLANTIS and THE FIRST CAUSE Vol I, this is a truly exciting book, and the final piece of the "puzzle".



A narrative non-fiction of the life of William Shakespeare.

 This sensational true life story of William Shakespeare - once thought lost to us - not only exposes his tragic love affair that turned to hate and changed his world forever, but reveals the psychological torment that cursed him until his death. Discover a life story filled with comedy, romance, tragedy, murder, and blackmail; one that had as many twists as the plots he wove in his plays.


A narrative non-fiction of the life of Piroshka (of Romania).

A beautifully written account of Romania's youngest and first female major in the military history of the country. Set in the backdrop of WWI, this book looks at the life, love, and tradedy of a remarkable young woman. We can trace the origins of the hospital system that we know of today to this woman. Discover how, at not even 20 years of age, she became a war hero of Romania and inspired the troops. This book also describes the life of her fiance: a member of the Greek royal family. Learn of the communist insurgence in Romania and how it changed everyone's lives. A close-up look at the lives of one royal household in the early part of the last century. This is a must-read for those interested in an autobiographical look at the lives of not just those at home waiting for news of their loved ones, not just those gone off to fight in the first world war, but also those devestated and torn apart as a consequence of the war and the turmoil that ensued afterward.